Turning ideas into assets and patents into profits.

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Our customers are entrepreneurs.  They are struggling to monetize their inventions and protect them with patents.  Our goal is to bring them the resources they need to succeed whether they are supplied by BML or one of its sister companies or by referral to someone else. We help customers identify and exploit opportunities.  Finding, Organizing and Managing, Exploiting and Protecting. We help our customers build new businesses or  grow existing businesses by the use of Organized Information.  Specifically we help companies obtain, manage and exploit intellectual property

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 Turn Ideas into Assets and Patents into Profits

You have an idea you want to convert to an asset. It may be an idea for a new product, or for a whole new company. We can help you turn your dream into reality. Whether it’s


  • Studying the market for your invention, or
  • Comparing opportunities

we can help. More → 

Sister Companies

BML has 3 sister companies formed to focus on aspects of Intellectual Property beyond patent applications.  The cover : Patent Brokerage; Market Research and Business Opportunity Management.   You can reach them from the Menu on the About Us page or follow the link to that page.

image298Checkout our YouTube channel and View the video version of the  IEC talk titled Lessons from “The Social Network”. What this movie teaches about how Not to jointly develop Intellectual Property.

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Here’s a video of how not to patent your invention:

The Social Network

Learn what to do and what not to do when inventing with other people to protect your rights.  

What to do while waiting for your patent

Anyone familiar with patents knows that it takes a long time to got one and the process can get quite complex and convoluted.  What should and inventor do while they wait for their patent to issue?  The answer is a lot.  Lets talk about what those  things you should be doing while you are waiting forContinue Reading

Should you file a Provisional Patent Application?

Provisional patent applications have value but its not always what the people who write them think it is.   A provisional patent gives the applicant one additional year to file a non-provisional patent application but its no substitute for a real patent application.  If you don’t file a non-provisional within one year the provisional expires andContinue Reading

Five Common Mistakes in Managing Intellectual Property

Five Common Mistakes in Managing Intellectual Property

This post was originally presented as a seminar by myself and  patent attorney Tracy Jong at the Independent Entrepreneurs Council breakfast seminar series. As consultants, our businesses rely on innovative companies and entrepreneurs to be successful. Strong companies produce new technology that we can help patent, license and commercialize. Our  economy is infused and strengthened with growing businessesContinue Reading

Helping Explain Patent Office Actions

About 18 months after a patent application is filed, the inventor’s attorney starts receiving “Office Actions” from the patent office. These documents are in complex legal language and usually involve the USPTO rejecting one of more of the patent’s claims on legal grounds (such as obviousness) when compared to items in the “Prior Art” earlier patents or other documents.Continue Reading

Making the Most of Your Intellectual Property

[Reprinted from Bizmorph.Blogs.com July 22, 2011] Companies don’t monetize their inventions well.  Sometimes they never collect the ideas their employees develop and the ideas walk out the door when the employees leave.  Sometimes companies unknowingly infringe the patents of others leaving themselves open to costly lawsuits.  Sometimes they lose revenue by not licensing their portfolios.Continue Reading

Making the Right Choice to Protect Your Invention

When you have made an invention you will have some important decisions to make before you go ahead with to commercialize, license or sell it. In particular you will have to decide how you want to protect it. Often that means applying for a patent , but there are many other choices you could makeContinue Reading

Novel Inventive Features- A Lesson From Edison

Novel Inventive Features- A Lesson From Edison

In my business, I work with  inventors and I frequently have to ask them to explain what is the “Novel Inventive Feature”  of the their invention.  I define this feature as that creative aspect of their invention that distinguishes it from everything that has already been invented (The Prior Art).  However, getting this concept acrossContinue Reading

Innovations Rochester: Aqueduct Project

Good innovations Rochester meeting this morning. Neal Ruden showed his plans for the Aqueduct Project, including examples from other cities who’ve transformed similar places to create exciting tourist destinations.

Why do you want a patent?

First of all , ask your self this question. There is no question that the patent process is long daunting to many and expensive. While there are many good reasons for applying for a patent and there are also many myths and untruths. There are also times when you should not apply for a patentContinue Reading